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Other Supports

Other Supports


Early Learning, Child Care and Family Resources offers professional development to the Early Learning community.  Should you require any workshops for your program, please your SNRC Team.

Enhanced Staffing

Applications for enhanced staffing funding will be considered for ELCCs when such support is necessary to include the child / children who are receiving services from KW Habilitation.

Enhanced staffing and volunteers allow all children the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects of an ELCC program. Needs in the classroom must be specifically related to:

Health: the child has a serious health condition (e.g. uncontrolled seizures)

Mobility: the child requires adult assistance to access the environment

Safety: the child requires supervision above and beyond that which is usually required for a child of similar age (e.g. runs away, self-abusive, aggressive)

* The support is not intended to provide 1:1 for any particular child, but rather to enhance the classroom ratio to enable all children to be included in the ELCC program.

** It is important that all other options for support are explored and exhausted before enhanced staffing is allocated.

The level of support will be reviewed regularly. As staff become more familiar with the needs of the child and the child becomes more familiar with the environment, it is expected that the centre will require less support to include most children. As you complete your application, collaborate with educators and consultants to review the needs for support in each of your classrooms, considering the above criteria. Separate applications are completed for each classroom where support is needed. It is vital that your application(s) reflect the need in your classroom, defining those key times during the day that support is necessary. Ensure your application is complete, and signed by your Resource Consultant. Taking both of these steps will help to avoid delays with your application.

Classroom Support

Enhanced staff are supervised by the agency responsible for hiring the staff.  Volunteers are supervised by KW Habilitation’s Volunteer and Student Placement Coordinator and the Child Care Supervisor.

Enhanced staff must have an ECE diploma or equivalent.  Volunteers are college and university students or adults who have a variety of experience working with children.