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Resource Consultation

Working Together

Resource ConsultationWorking to support your child’s development involves a partnership of Parents, Educators/Caregivers, Resource Consultants, and at times other professionals collaborating together to promote your child’s strengths and reach their goals.

The two primary functions of the Resource Consultant are:

  1. Resource Consultants support licensed Early Learning and Child Care programs to promote a sense of belonging for all children in their programs, considering their care environment, individual needs, relationships and approaches to curriculum.
  2. To help the family access services within our community and obtain early intervention supports for their child.

The role of the Resource Consultant may vary depending upon the wants and needs of each family, child, and educators/caregivers.

Download the Resource Consultation Brochure

Transition to School

KWH follows the transition to school protocol that has been developed by the Special Needs Resourcing (SNR) Collaborative and the school boards within the Region of Waterloo. Your Resource Consultant will discuss and help you prepare for this process as the time approaches for your child to enter primary school.