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Get The Jab at KW Hab!

KW Hab is pleased to have partnered with ROW Public Health, Sunbeam Community and Developmental Services, and Community Living Cambridge to provide vaccines to eligible people at the following locations:

Sunbeam Clinic – 2749 Kingsway Dr, Kitchener
KW Hab Clinic – 99 Ottawa St. S., Kitchener
CL Cambridge Clinic – 160 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge

Current Vaccine clinic dates at KW Hab:

Second shot vaccination clinics at KW Hab will be announced soon!

Who is eligible for the vaccine at KW Hab?


1. Persons supported in Developmental Services by a Community Agency (Must be 18+) such as KW Habilitation, Sunbeam Community and Developmental Services, Parents for Community Living, Community Living Cambridge, Christian Horizons, and Extend-a-Family including:

a. SIL and related support-at-home programs
b. Host Family programs
c. Day Program (attendees from the community, not from congregate living)

2. Front line direct support staff supporting any of the above (not management, not administrative staff).

3. One CAREGIVER per child/adult with a developmental disability.

  • This refers to the definition of CAREGIVER that has been used by the MoH and MCCSS throughout the pandemic.  It is NOT simply one family member per person served.  It is very important that this is understood and adhered to.


Note:  For persons served in categories a, b, and c,

  • “One caregiver per child/adult with a developmental disability”.  This refers to no more than one family/friend per person served who either cohabitates with the person served, or is a regular/frequent visitor to the person served and provides essential caregiving to the person.

 Things to Remember

  1. Make sure when bringing a person supported to get their vaccine that they understand and consent. Click Here for links to resources that help explain the process.
  2. All locations are open for eligible people wanting to book their vaccine.
  3. Make sure you complete and bring this CONSENT FORM with you to your appointment
  4. If you have already had your first shot from another vaccination program, please continue and book your second dose with that program, not KW Hab.
  5. KW Hab will be distributing the Moderna Vaccine.
  6. If you have difficulty wearing a mask or need someone to come to your car to administer the vaccine, please indicate that when booking.

If you need assistance with booking and don’t have access to the booking online option, you can call 519-744-6307