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Community Supports

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Day options at KW Habilitation (ex. The Vibe, The Studio, ADS, LEG Up!, Y.E.P. etc.) closed to all participants in March of 2020. In the months that followed, free and fee for service activities were available online through Zoom.  Sing-along’s have been running three times a week since mid-March, LEG Up! has been providing daily classes, and we’ve hosted virtual dance parties and other fun activities online.

In addition, many of our team members have been regularly reaching out to the people we support to ensure that if they had an interest in accessing these activities that they could.


As we are working toward our new co-designed strategic plan and looking to the future with People Minded Business (PMB) our day options will continue to transform.  We have been working with families, the people we support and team members to make informed decisions about these changes.  Please stay tuned for more information.

The calendar below shows several online activities that are available to anyone interested.