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Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce across Kitchener Waterloo

Are you looking to improve productivity & innovation? Many companies are discovering the business advantages of hiring people with disabilities.

What We Do For YOUR Business…

  • Match the labour needs of employers with the skills/abilities of our job seekers  for full-time, part-time, casual, and seasonal opportunities
  • Provide on the job training to ensure employer satisfaction
  • Offer orientation, basic training, and on-going supportfor both employers and the new employee
  • Provide effective working solutions to a variety of employment demands in a diverse range of fields
  • As an extension of your Human Resources, we provide all of this at no charge to you!

How can your company benefit by including people who have a disability in your workforce? Contact us to find out!

We help businesses diversify their workforce to be more innovative and profitable. We work with:

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If you are an employer wishing to hire valuable employees or would like more information about KW Career Compass, please email us today at
or call Stacey Mitchell, Manager, 519-744-6307 ext 1252.


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