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50 Years at KW Hab, the 1980s

The 1980s at KW Hab was a decade of growth and change.  We expanded our inclusive living services and the supports we were able to provide to people with developmental disabilities.

Searching through our archives, we have managed to save more documents than in previous decades and it has exciting to see old newsletters with some familiar faces featured.  Both Ann Bilodeau and Barb Willacy, long time Habbers were recognized for 5 or more years of service.

198504_InRecognitionOf5OrMoreYears edit 198504_InRecognitionOf5OrMoreYears edit2


Our archives in the 1980s also show a distinct personality and sense of humour from the team at KW Hab.  To look back on old documents, it is clear that when you worked at KW Hab, you found ways to have fun.  This snippet from January of 1987 talks about “Managing Manageritis”

198701_ManagingMangeritis edit



And finally, this excerpt from a 1988 internal publication called “The Rumor Mill” has some pretty creative budget suggestions.

198802_TheRumourMill89 90BudgetRequests edit