Early Learning

Early Learning, Child Care and Family Resources

Our Program Vision Statement: “Empowering families within early learning and child care, using a strength based approach, supporting children as they participate in their communities”

As part of KW Habilitation, Early Learning, Child Care and Family Resources (ELCCFR) is funded and designed to support licensed early learning and child care programs in meeting the needs of children from 0-6 years of age who have any identified need OR who struggle in any area of their development. A referral can be made by a parent, physician, community agency or early learning and child care centre with written consent from you, the parent/guardian. A referral is made by contacting our child care Special Needs Access Point (SNAP).


Our team is made up of Resource Consultants, Administrative Support, a Volunteer and Student Placement Coordinator, volunteers and students, Supervisors, a Manager and a Director.  We collaborate with all licensed early learning and child care programs in the Region of Waterloo, supporting the inclusion of all children. Our role is dependent on the needs of the children, and educators and/or caregivers.

Early Learning, Child Care & Family Resources Statement / Philosophy


KW Habilitation’s ELCCFR program believes that:

  • Early identification of delays and early intervention is vital to promoting healthy development
  • Everyone benefits from quality inclusive child care
  • All children have a right to high quality child care
  • All early learning and child care programs have the right to available resources to successfully meet the overall needs of every child
  • Families are the key decision makers for their children

As members of the Special Needs Resourcing Collaborative, we are committed to inclusive early learning and child care that promotes healthy child development. We believe parents/guardians should be involved in all decisions regarding the well-being of their family. We believe children and families should receive similar services regardless of where they live in Waterloo Region. We believe in the strength of children and families.



KW Habilitation’s ELCCFR’s program is funded to provide supports for children aged 0-6 years, who have any identified need OR who struggle in any area of their development who attend licensed early learning and care programs. Services end when a child no longer attends a licensed early learning and child care program, is no longer requiring assistance with their development or requires a Resource Consultant or the child is eligible to enter Grade 1.

Services by ELCCFR are only provided with parental/guardian consent. Parents have the right to discontinue services at any time.

Confidentiality / Your Consent


Signed consent from a parent or legal guardian is required before any written or verbal information can be shared about your child. In certain limited situations however, Resource Consultants are required, by law, to release what would otherwise be confidential information without consent. Resource Consultants are required to release information in response to search warrants, court orders, or when a Resource Consultant suspects a child is in need of protection under the Child and Family Services Act.

Your Concerns


Should you have any concerns regarding the service being provided by KW Habilitation’s ELCCFR, contact your Resource Consultant directly. If your concerns remain unresolved, please contact Kristy Heimpel, Manager. Any concerns you may have regarding the care your child is receiving within the early learning and child care setting should be discussed with the Educators/Caregivers and Supervisor at the centre.

Child Care Special Needs Resourcing (SNR) Collaborative


Our team is a part of the Region of Waterloo’s Special Needs Resourcing (SNR) Collaborative. The Special Needs Resourcing Collaborative is structured as a four agency model that is funded by the Ministry of Education through their Special Needs Resourcing funding and is managed by the Region of Waterloo.  Special Needs Resourcing is in place to support licensed child care programs in identifying and meeting the diverse needs of all children and their families.  All children, regardless of their abilities, are supported to safely participate in quality inclusive services.

Quality Assurance Survey


KW Habilitation ELCCFR conducts an annual quality assurance survey to help us evaluate and improve services. You are encouraged to share your experience through this survey. Your feedback is very important to us.

Early Learning Program Brochure
SNAP Program and Referral

For more information, contact:

Kristy Heimpel: Manager of Early Learning, Child Care & Family Resources
99 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener, Ontario  N2G 3S8
Phone: (519) 744-6307 ext. 1203

Karen Marche: Supervisor of Early Learning, Child Care & Family Resources
99 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener, Ontario  N2G 3S8
Phone: (519) 744-6307 ext. 1204
Email: kmarche@kwhab.ca

Tracy Stroeder: Supervisor of Early Learning, Child Care & Family Resources
99 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener, Ontario  N2G 3S8
Phone: (519) 744-6307 ext. 1206
Fax: (519) 884-8609