At KW Habilitation, we are grateful to our government partners for the funding we receive, however, we also depend on donations. With your donation, we can continue to help people with disabilities lead fulfilling and purposeful lives as valued members of our community.  We are currently raising money for our next Affordable Housing project. We believe in a neighbour helping neighbour philosophy and your gift will help provide accessible housing that is financially sustainable over the long term. You can make a difference with a one-time donation, monthly support, or leave a lasting legacy donation by ensuring a brighter future for the children, youth and adults we support, even beyond your lifetime. 

Legacy Donations for Lifelong Impact

A legacy donation involves including a charitable gift in your will or estate plan, that will provide sustained support to a cause or organization that holds personal significance to you, in this case KW Habilitation. It allows individuals to leave a lasting impact by contributing to the long-term sustainability and growth of the charitable initiatives of your choice.


Designating a specific amount, percentage, or residue of your estate in your will to KW Habilitation.

Life Insurance:

Naming KW Habilitation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Other Financial Instruments:

Including charitable gifts through various financial instruments, ensuring flexibility in supporting causes without impacting current financial situations.

Tailored Wishes:

Legacy giving allows individuals to specify how they want their donation to be used, aligning with their personal values and the mission of KW Habilitation.

Long-lasting Impact:

Legacy donations provide enduring support, allowing KW Habilitation to plan for the future and implement sustained initiatives.

Financial Flexibility:

Legacy giving enables individuals to support KW Habilitation without compromising their current financial situation.

Tailored Giving:

Donors can specify how their legacy donation should be used, ensuring alignment with personal values and the mission of KW Habilitation.

Recognition and Honoring Legacy:

KW Habilitation will acknowledge and honour individuals who leave a legacy donation, creating a lasting tribute to their generosity.

Tax Advantages:

Depending on local regulations, legacy donations may offer potential tax benefits or exemptions for the estate, providing additional financial incentives for donors.

Inspiring Others:

Legacy donations can inspire others to consider similar contributions to KW Habilitation, fostering a culture of philanthropy and creating a positive impact for the people we support.

Contact us at KW Habilitation to set up a meeting and learn more about how to make a lasting impact for the people we support.