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Our Farm

About Our Farm

In 2011, a group of community volunteers approached KW Habilitation about turning our 8-acre property of farmland, located at David Fisher Residence (DFR), into a productive organic farm. Excited by the possibilities, we agreed and the Our Farm partnership was formed. The mission of this initiative is to build a community of people connected to the land, their food, and each other through hands-on experience with sustainable farming. Our Farm was selected as a research site for Project SOIL, a province-wide feasibility study funded by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF).


In the 2013 growing season, a quarter-acre of the farmland was cultivated with 20 different vegetables. For the 2014 growing season, the project has expanded to increase the scale of production at the DFR location, while adding new production garden at 115 University Ave. Young City Growers, a grassroots initiative creating urban agricultural opportunities for youth, will oversee the farming responsibilities. This location features a fully accessible 6750 square-foot micro-urban farm.

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Benefits of these new onsite food production projects include increased social inclusion; community development and partnerships; skill-building and employment opportunities; and the creation of a place to foster learning and knowledge exchange.