A Modern-Day Tale: The Story of Roger Becoming a ‘Knight’

Roger Knight holding his official name change document from the Ontario government.
Roger Knight holding his official name change document from the Ontario government

Roger, who lives in an Inclusive Living home at KW Habilitation, always disliked his last name.  He disliked it so much, in fact, that he refused to allow anyone to use it.  When he talked to Developmental Service Professional (DSP) Lisa Olsen about wanting to change his last name, they worked together to make that happen.  

Roger and Lisa spoke about what it would mean to change his name, what his new last name could be, and after much reflection, they filled out the appropriate paperwork. Near the end of November, Roger received his official notice of name change document! A lifelong diehard fan of the Knight Rider series, Roger chose the last name: Knight.  

At KW Habilitation, we think that feeling proud of who you are and excited to introduce yourself is most definitely a great example of a strong sense of belonging.  We know that every journey to belonging will look different and we’re lucky to have the opportunity to not only share these stories, but to be part of them. 

Congratulations Roger Knight!!

Journey to Belonging: Choice and Inclusion (J2B) is a plan developed by the Government of Ontario with feedback from self-advocates, family members, service providers and other stakeholders that works towards making developmental services and supports an easier process for everyone. The vision of Journey to Belonging is that people with developmental disabilities are supported by their communities, support networks and government to belong and live inclusive lives.  KW Habilitation believes strongly that we can work together to create a community where everyone belongs and participates and it is stories like this one that helps to remind us of the importance of belonging for everyone in our community.