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Building Job Skills: The Heart of KW Career Compass LEG Up! to Work Course

Are you ready to take the first step toward your dream job? Whether you’re curious about work or eager to find a job, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Read this article to learn more about the LEG Up! to Work course at KW Career Compass.

What is LEG Up! to Work?LEG Up! to Work Employee working the cash at Zehr's grocery store.

LEG Up! to Work hosted by KW Career Compass is a 8 week course that will prepare adults 18+ with a developmental disability for work. This course supports students in building relevant job skills, covering various topics related to work in general and focuses on the overall experience one can expect from working. KW Career Compass also offers a variety of courses that focus on specific career fields based on what type of job you’re looking for including retail, hospitality, and material handling.

Who can take the LEG Up! to Work class?

Individuals can access the course through a referral from Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) or by a fee-for-service referral. At KW Career Compass, we are looking for people who are READY, WILLING and ABLE to work. Successful learners are motivated and curious about what it takes to join the workforce.

When does LEG Up! to Work run?

The LEG Up! to Work courses runs 4 times per year in the Spring, Fall and Winter, as well as in the summer as part of Summer Supported Employment.

LEG Up! to Work Employee working at Onward Manufacturing

What do people learn at LEG Up! to Work?

​LEG Up! to Work is a job readiness course focused on developing the skills needed to be successful in obtaining and maintaining employment. We teach professionalism, time management and problem solving skills. We learn about our rights and responsibilities as employees, how to manage work and personal life, and how to find and apply to jobs. Students also have the opportunity to gain real-life work experience at our skills evaluations, which take place at numerous partner employers across KW. 

Other Types of LEG Up! to Work courses:

LEG Up! to Retail is a course that supports participants in building skills necessary for working in a retail setting. Some of these skills include customer service, cash handling, conflict resolution, and organizational skills.
LEG Up! To Material Handling is a skill-building course that focuses on preparing individuals for employment within the different industries inside the material handling sector. This includes manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and retail.
LEG Up! to Hospitality supports participants in building professional skills that are necessary for working within the hospitality sector. This course focuses on the “big four” areas of hospitality, including food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging, and recreation.

What do people who take LEG Up! to Work do after the course?

LEG Up! to Work Employee working at Tim Horton's

After finishing the LEG Up! to courses, individuals who are actively looking for paid employment will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a KW Career Compass Job Developer to build specific skills, apply for jobs, and receive on-the-job training and regular check-ins. 

Overall, what happens after taking this course is up to the student and their own personal goals. While some people decide to continue to work with our Job Developers, some also decide to go back to school or take further training courses, and some decide to search for employment on their own. 

This year, one student got a job midway through the LEG Up! to Work course. Our Job Developer walked her through the process of accepting the position, completing onboarding paperwork, and asking for specific days off over the holidays, etc. The student was happy to share her experience with the others in our group and served as an excellent example of the process of finding work and what happens once you’ve accepted a position.

Are you Interested in our LEG Up! to Work course?

Looking to build independence? Develop the skills necessary to gain employment? Build your confidence in the workplace? Find work and start earning money and experience? This is the first step in achieving your career goals! Check out our upcoming LEG Up! to Work courses


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