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Celebrating the Spirit of Volunteerism: The Inspiring Journey of Cooper Fraser Moore

In light of National Volunteer Week, we would like to take the time to tell the inspiring story of one of our dedicated volunteers at KW Habilitation – Cooper Fraser Moore – who explains the joy of giving back.

Who is Cooper Fraser Moore?

Cooper Fraser Moore at Grant's Cafe
Cooper Fraser Moore at Grant’s Cafe.

Cooper is 26 years old and graduated with distinction from Conestoga college with a degree in Recreation and Leisure. Cooper has been a dedicated employee at Chicopee Ski Hill for 9 years as a skiing instructor. In his spare time, he is always getting involved and volunteering his time to his community. In highschool, Cooper participated in morning announcements and helping out at the breakfast club. He has volunteered at the Cambridge Food Bank for about 5 years and during COVID, he volunteered at the YMCA helping clean up and prevent the virus spread during their summer camps. Today, Cooper is very involved with Special Olympics for swimming as an athlete and dedicated volunteer for Special Olympics working closely with the Waterloo Region Police Service. He has also been a proud member of the Cambridge Ice Hounds hockey team for 17 years, volunteers his time with the city and sits on the HR Committee Board at Extend-a-Family.

In other words, Cooper is a very well-rounded person and has a really good resume. 

Cooper’s Volunteer story with KW Habilitation

Though Cooper was already employed and involved in his community, that didn’t stop him from coming to volunteer with KW Habilitation (KWH). 

Through Canada Summer Jobs funding, Cooper was hired as an intern at Our Farm. I started working at Our Farm from May till August 2022, and June till September of 2023. It has been 2 summers that I have been working at our farm,” says Cooper. Before he knew it, Cooper was not just working on the farm but had become an integral part of our community at KW Habilitation. 

Cooper helped out at the University club cohort, volunteered as a server at Grant’s Cafe, and has become a go-to volunteer for KWH events like the Annual Spaghetti Dinner. For Cooper, it’s simple: volunteering is an opportunity to stay active, meet new people, and learn. Cooper is always ready for a challenge, “I am willing to try new things and step out of my comfort zone,” says Cooper.

Whether it’s mastering the point of sale system at the café, working alongside Laura and Jenny picking vegetables to gain agricultural skills on the farm, or engaging with seniors in recreational activities, Cooper told us that his volunteering experiences provide him with a sense of belonging and purpose and have taught him many new skills.

We asked Cooper what he is looking forward to next and he said he is excited about the upcoming Waterloo Region Special Olympics Spring Games event from May 23rd to 26th 2024. 

As we celebrate Volunteer Week, let’s take inspiration from Cooper’s volunteerism and consider how we, too, can contribute to our communities. For Cooper, the goal of volunteering is clear — to make a positive impact on everyone he meets. “Donating your time is the best way to give back to the community,” says Cooper Fraser Moore.

To those considering volunteering, here is Cooper’s advice: “Go out and volunteer. Use your skills, learn new skills and refresh the skills you already have.” He emphasizes that the skills you have equals more opportunities that you can get. Volunteering, according to Cooper, is an enriching experience that adds new tools to one’s toolbox. 

Looking to get involved and start volunteering in our community? Learn more about volunteering at KW Habilitation.