Final Farewell to Towne Bowl

At KW Habilitation, we are proud to share that many of the people we work for have developed strong relationships in their community at the places they visit on a regular basis. Towne Bowl has been one of the regularly visited locations in our community that has made an impact in the lives of the people we support. Towne Bowl has always provided a fun and safe space to bowl, so when the people we work for discovered that they would be closing, we got together for one last big celebration!

On Wednesday, November 1, 2023 Emma, Alice, and John invited a bunch of their friends to join them at Towne Bowl for one last bowling game. Here’s what one of our Direct Support Professionals, Stephanie Harrington shared about this awesome farewell party:

“Towne Bowl who has been a great neighbor and community support to KW Habilitation for many, many years is closing their doors forever! The agency has enjoyed many years of bowling at Towne Bowl and become great friends with the owners, Jamie, Jim and Brett. 

We’ve appreciated their support and friendship over the years,” says Stephanie, “A wonderful afternoon of about 50 friends bowling, reminiscing, eating snacks & saying our goodbyes to good friends was had by ALL! 

Jamie, from Towne Bowl was so happy to see everyone together one last time at the lanes but said that he looks forward to seeing his friends in the future, wherever their paths may cross.”

A big thank you to Jamie, Brett and Jim. On behalf of KW Habilitation, we wish you good luck in the future!