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Introducing YEP Summer!

Person from YEP smiling with flowers outside.
YEP Participant with fresh flowers!

What is YEP Summer?

YEP Summer is a program we are running this summer for Youth aged 13-21 full day activities offered for 9 weeks throughout July and August. YEP Summer is focused on exploring community resources, recreational activities, and opportunities to participate in work readiness exercises and volunteerism. They use the GRT as their main mode of transportation to explore the Waterloo Region. YEP Summer is fun, energetic and all about learning and trying new things within the community!

How do people sign up for YEP Summer?

Youth aged 13-21 can sign up on the KW Habilitation shop website:


YEP Social crew smiling while sitting on the Grand River Transit (GRT) bus.
YEP on the GRT.

We asked our YEP participants some questions. Here’s what our group had to say!

How did you hear about this program?

  • from parents
  • from friends who have attended YEP Social  
  • from friends who have attended YEP Summer Program

Why did you want to join this program?

  • it’s fun
  • having a blast
  • seeing friends
  • spending time with staff
  • going out into the community for boxing, movies, bowling, and CTRL V


What is your favourite thing to do in this program?

  • cooking/baking
  • going out in the community
  • arts and crafts, sports/fitness 

In what ways has this program helped you get out of your comfort zone and take risks trying something new?

  • learning how to take the bus/GRT
  • learning and practicing cooking/baking in the kitchen
  • communicating and meeting new peers

Register for YEP Summer!!