Jessica’s Lifelong Dream to Become Santa’s Elf has Finally Come True!

Jessica as an Elf pictured with Santa and a guest child at the Mall.
Jessica Herzing as an elf with Santa Claus and visitor in Fairview Mall.
One day, Jessica Herzing mentioned to one of our Local Community Connecters (LCC) in Out and About Waterloo Region at KW Habilitation, about her lifelong dream to become one of Santa’s elves. After hearing about Jessica’s request, our LCC worked her Christmas magic and landed Jessica a spot as one of Santa’s elves at Fairview Mall in Kitchener!

KW Habilitation’s Communications Coordinator met with Jessica Herzing for an interview to ask her all about her experience becoming Santa’s elf for a day!


KWH: “I heard becoming an elf has been your life long dream, what inspired you and made you want to become an elf?”

Jessica: “Actually, I want to do that, it’s part of my goal. It was on my bucket list.


KWH: “How did you end up becoming an elf?”

Jessica: “It’s something her (Local Community Connecter) helped me with.”


KWH: “How long have you wanted to be Santa’s elf at the mall?”

Jessica: “My friend of mine is missing, Nathan Wise. Him was missing over 6 months now, I’m trying to find him.”


KWH: “How was it working for Santa himself?”

Jessica: “Not too bad!”


KWH: “Is Santa a nice guy?”

Jessica: “Yeah.”


KWH: “Where did you get the awesome outfit?”

Jessica: “My mom, I still have it!”


KWH: “What kind of elf duties did you fufill?”

Jessica: “Helping with other kids, helping bring them up to Santa”

Jessica mentioned that 4 kids wanted her in the picture with Santa too!


KWH: “What’s your favourite part about Christmas?”

Jessica: “I do like Christmas but I’m not good with the cold. I like opening gifts.”


KWH: “Have you ever wanted to go to the North Pole?”

Jessica: “Too cold.”


KWH: “What’s your favourite Christmas song?”

Jessica: “Silent Night.”


KWH: “What’s your favourite Christmas movie?”

Jessica: “Daddy’s Home 2.”


KWH: “How did you feel when you were an elf?”

Jessica: “Happy, joyful, complicated (just a little bit).”


KWH: “How do you follow your own dreams?”

Jessica: “I follow my own path.”


KWH: “Do you have any advice for other people who have a lifelong dream?”

Jessica: “I’d tell them to follow your dreams.”

Jessica Herzing as an Elf with Santa Claus
Jessica Herzing as an Elf with Santa Claus.

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Jessica wanted to go undercover at the mall to see if she could find her friend Nathan as she remembered how much Nathan liked to go to the mall. You can join the Search for Nathan Facebook group to help and get updates on the search here.