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KW Habilitation is Part of a Provincial Recruitment Campaign

KW Habilitation has been a long-time member of the Provincial Network on Developmental Services, which connects developmental service providers all across Ontario.  In the Fall of 2020, in alignment with DS Reform, a strategy was developed to improve the recruitment and retention of direct support staff across the province.  This was called the Workforce Initiative Subcommittee.  Ann Bilodeau, our executive director leads this subcommittee which is focused on the following:

  1. Modernizing the Developmental Services Core Competencies that reflect next-generation expectations.
  2. Operational-Leaders Training to improve employee retention and improve leadership capabilities to advance new workforce models and enable diversity in-service models.
  3. A Recruitment-Focused Marketing Campaign to ensure a diverse, stable, and sufficient workforce that enables people to choose supports responsive to their individual needs.


We are, very excited to share with you the “Recruitment-Focused Marketing Campaign“!  In December of 2021, we were asked if knew of anyone who would be interested in participating in the campaign.  Working with a marketing agency in Toronto, they asked us to photograph staff and people supported in our community so they could use the images in their new campaign.  We sent out a casting call booked a make-up artist, and scheduled a photoshoot! We were so thrilled to have 10 people at KW Habilitation willing to step out of their comfort zone to help!

The “This is Your Opportunity” Campaign officially launched this March and we were so pleased to see so many familiar faces in the photos and videos that were created!

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We are extremely grateful to:

Jeff Stevens, Andres Rojas, Lana Higginson, Simon Garcia, Sadie Berfelz, Sajo Joy, Jaclyn Ederman, Dieter Kapahnke, Carrie Wise, and Brianne Lammers

Makeup by jacha beauty
To read more about the Provincial Network, click here.