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Our Farm runs on Volunteers

This week is National Volunteer Week!

All week, KW Hab will be sharing stories about a few of our amazing volunteers and we are sharing their stories because we are tremendously grateful for everything they do!  KW Hab relies on volunteers and this past year has been no different.  Even though a lot of our more formal volunteer opportunities were not available because of COVID-19, we have had so many informal volunteers helping along the way.  Sewing masks and gowns, volunteering at Our Farm, and volunteers who previously volunteered at our Welcome Centre or in Community Participation programs shifting to provide friendly phone calls to help reduce isolation.  It goes on…Other volunteers have helped with various projects such as supporting our Communications Coordinator, researching for an Early Learning workshop, converting an in-person training to a virtual one, and developing online program activities. Because of the virtual nature of these placements, it has been difficult to track hours, but the impact these volunteers have made, and continue to make, has been invaluable to KW Habilitation.

Our Farm Volunteers:

Our Farm welcomed volunteers in 2020. Even with Covid happening all around us, measures were put in place to welcome community volunteers to the gardens. With Our Farm being an unfunded program volunteers are an integral part of our successes in the garden.

Our volunteers are always ready to help. Be it weeding, planting, harvesting or moving large amounts of compost they always help get the job done. Their spirit of wanting to help and the community they bring to the garden is always warm and welcoming. Thank you to our wonderful Our Farm Volunteers.

W of H team 2020