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Our Farm Trailbuilding Initiative at DFR

Over the past five years, Our Farm has been using the phrase “Good things come from Our Farm” and now in our sixth year, good things will continue to come.  Not only do we provide fresh produce grown with organic practices but we have been busy transforming the acreage at the David Fisher Residence.  With generous contributions from the Region of Waterloo and matching funds from the Grand River Conservation Authority, we have worked at bringing the area back to its natural state with some really great additions.


Thus far to date installation of 7 key lines and berms were completed to help with water management in the fields. This helped enormously as water is crucial to all the trees that were planted. Close to 1800 trees have been planted, installation of two windbreaks to help reduce how windy the site is, 15 birdhouses were erected to attract swallows and bluebirds to the site. Bees are on site to help with pollination and water is collected from the DFR home to reduce stress on their water supply. The kitchen garden has expanded 3 times in 5 years to help grow more food and to supply the weekly public market at 99 Ottawa Street. The site now has approximated 60 beds to grow food in.


So you may now ask yourself what else will they do?  In 2019 Our Farm will be installing trails throughout the property so that the site can be enjoyed by everyone. These trails are being designed by True North Trails and will be completely accessible for any mobility.  Three trails will be built, Garden Trail to walk through and enjoy the garden, the Forest Trail to give you another perspective of the property and then the third trail will be the overlook trail. The views from this trail are amazing. Trails are being built with crushed compacted gravels for easy walking. Seating and shade areas will be throughout the trail for every one’s enjoyment. It will be a beautiful space.

map of proposed trails for Our Farm

Funding for this initiative will be coming from the Region of Waterloo and monies generously donated by the Old Timers Hockey Team will be used for signage.  Our target date for building the trails is this September, so please stay tuned for our trail building opening and possible volunteer opportunities.