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Thank You: Michael

It’s National Volunteer Week!  We are privileged to work with volunteers every single day at KW Habilitation as the Volunteer program has become an essential part of our organization.  During national volunteer week, we will be recognizing some of the volunteers who have helped us come together with our community to inspire abilities and enrich the lives of children, youth and families at KW Habilitation.  


As a kinesiology student and personal trainer, Michael was looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity to use his skills to give back to the community.   He first connected with KW Habilitation one day last fall when he and the rest of the UW hockey team did a work day at Our Farm.  This inspired him to find out how he could be more involved with KW Habilitation. He now teaches a weekly fitness class at the Vibe where he brings knowledge, skills, energy….and lots of fun!

Michael says:

I volunteer with KW Habilitation because I truly believe that my small-time commitment can yield dividends much greater than the time it takes out of my week. I personally have seen the benefits that come from physical activity and am grateful to get the opportunity to help spread these benefits to the members of KW Hab. It is also extremely rewarding to know you are contributing your time to something much larger than yourself, and in my time with the organization I have never left the building without a smile on my face. Overall, making the trip to the Kitchener site and walking into a room full of smiling people ready to work out makes my week that much brighter, and it’s a position I’m committed to as long as I’m in the Waterloo region.

Thank you Michael!

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