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Thank you Natalie!


This week is National Volunteer Week!

All week, KW Hab will be sharing stories about a few of our amazing volunteers and we are sharing their stories because we are tremendously grateful for everything they do!  Today, we’re pleased to share what we heard from Natalie when we asked her about her experience volunteering at KW Hab.

Natalie is a virtual volunteer, working on a variety of projects to help support the vision and mission of KW Habilitation. Thanks, Natalie!


NatalieHow did I first find KWHab? 

I had been actively looking for places to volunteer within the KW area and one day I came across the KWHab website. After looking through their website I knew that it was the right place for me! So I contacted the amazing Beth Wilson (Volunteer &Student Placement Coordinator), we talked about some ideas, booked an interview, and got a position!


How has my experience been volunteering with KWHab? 

It has truly been amazing to have this opportunity! I get to work on so many projects that I’m interested in! The KWHab Staff is also very respectful of our time. As university students, it’s sometimes difficult to commit to organizations because of the final exam period where we don’t have much time. This is not an issue with KWHab! They encourage you to work on your projects while still putting yourself and your education first!


What will you learn volunteering with KWHab? 

Volunteering with KWHab will teach you that unlike what you think, you have so much potential and that you can always put your talents to the service of others! Sometimes we need to have so much experience in order to make an impact in our society but KWHab will teach you that if you are a human that is willing to put others first, it’s all that’s needed! KWHab will also teach you to always have a person-centered approach, meaning that each person is a unique human being that is ought to be treated individually and not in a standardized way! I could go on and on on this…


What can YOU do for KWHab? 

As I alluded to multiple times now KWHab always looks at an individual as a unique person and that applies to the Volunteer too! KWHab staff makes sure that you work on projects that speak to you personally and that you see value in. In KWHab the sky is the limit, really! If a project will help the community, and that you will be able to do it, you can!