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Thank You: UW Hockey Team

It’s National Volunteer Week!  We are privileged to work with volunteers every single day at KW Habilitation as the volunteer program has become an essential part of our organization.  During national volunteer week, we will be recognizing some of the volunteers who have helped us come together with our community to inspire abilities and enrich the lives of children, youth and families at KW Habilitation.


Volunteers are an integral part of the success of the Our Farm program.  Without the work of many volunteers and hundreds of hours of work, we would not have the opportunity to grow and provide delicious vegetables to our inclusive living homes. The University of Waterloo men’s hockey team have come to Our Farm to volunteer for the last two years. Each year they send 25 hockey players to help with the new beds that need to be dug, moving mulch and manure. They help complete lots of jobs where we need lots of hands.


‘So many times at the Our Farm Program I have said “many hands make light work”. Volunteers bring us many hands and help lighten our load each year at Our Farm. It’s powerful to have 25 Men Come to the Garden and complete tasks at the bottom of our list completed – the list that never gets done. The impact that they have over a 3-4 hours is impressive. Just think 25 people x 4 hours is 100 hours of work completed. They come with enthusiasm and the genuine desire to provide a service to Our Farm. Building community is important, and volunteers have a huge impact on Our Farm in helping us grow and become sustainable..’ – Jenny Weickert, Our Farm Coordinator


Thanks, guys!