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Thank You: Welcome Centre Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week!  We are privileged to work with volunteers every single day at KW Habilitation as the Volunteer program has become an essential part of our organization.  During national volunteer week, we will be recognizing some of the volunteers who have helped us come together with our community to inspire abilities and enrich the lives of children, youth and families at KW Habilitation.  

Welcome Centre Volunteers

Jacquie and Dianne both began volunteering at the Welcome Centre 3 years ago.

Jacquie enjoys the friendly faces she sees while volunteering. She also likes having something meaningful to do with her time. During the summer Jacquie also volunteers with the Our Farm Market, packaging produce.

Dianne knows that it is important to stay active and social after retirement.  She likes volunteering at the Welcome Centre because she is able to do familiar tasks while interacting with people.

Thank you to all the friendly volunteers at our Welcome Centre!

Jacquie Diane