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The Committee For Excellence (C4E) Hosts an Ice Cream Social for Staff

The Committee for Excellence (C4E) is a staff-led working committee invested in staff development and appreciation. Read below about the cool event they hosted for our staff: 

Pictured are staff members smiling together in front of a colourful rainbow tinsel background smiling and holding ice cream cones!
KW Habilitation staff members smiling while enjoying their ice cream cone!

On Friday June 20th, the Committee for Excellence (C4E) hosted an Ice Cream Social for all staff at KW Habilitation. Staff came out to our main office to enjoy delicious ice cream scooped into a waffle cone or cup. Flavours of the day included butterscotch ripple, mint chip, neapolitan and rainbow sorbet. Here, staff got to spend time together and network with people throughout the agency while enjoying a well-deserved treat on a very hot day. There was even a photo booth and a slideshow playing photos from staff in the agency both new and old from our photo and video archives!

The Committee for Excellence (C4E) is one of the many incredible committees at KW Habilitation that are making a difference in our organization by enhancing the overall work culture by acknowledging best practices through celebration and communication. The committee provides opportunities for professional development and personal growth through workshops, training sessions and conferences such as the Enhancing People’s Individual Choices (EPIC) Training, Nutrition and Menu Planning, SMART Goals Training and Connect for Success. They also provide opportunities for staff to promote the sharing of information through Mini Sessions where staff with different experiences can facilitate the transfer of knowledge, resources and skill development.

At KW Habilitation, we take employee recognition and career development seriously and its groups like the C4E that help make KW Habilitation an awesome place to work!