Third Party Fundraising

Third Party Fundraising is an exciting way to use your skills, talents and expertise, while raising money to support KW Habilitation.

Whether on your own or with a group of friends, hosting a fundraising event for KW Habilitation is a great way to help people in our community. From a family fun day to a black tie dinner – there are lots of ways to fundraise.

Third-party fundraising involves individuals or organizations organizing events or campaigns to raise funds on behalf of a charitable organization, in this case, KW Habilitation.

How to Host:

  • Fill out the provided form with details about your group/organization, the event, and your fundraising goals.

  • Specify the type of fundraising (e.g., event, campaign) and the method of donation (all proceeds, net proceeds, partial proceeds, or a percentage).

  • Adhere to the terms and conditions outlined by KW Habilitation.

  • Acquire necessary permits, insurance, and licenses for the event.

  • Ensure promotional materials are approved by KW Habilitation.

Fundraisers can take various forms, including but not limited to:

  • Events: Galas, walks, runs, auctions, concerts, etc.

  • Campaigns: Crowdfunding, donation drives, awareness campaigns.

  • Sales: Charity merchandise, bake sales, product sales.

Start by:

  • Contacting KW Habilitation: Reach out to the KW Habilitation Communications Department for guidance and to ensure alignment with their mission.  A quick chat with our team will help get you started and from there, we’ll send a Third Party Event Form for you to fill out. 
  • Determining the Type: Decide on the type of fundraiser that aligns with your group’s strengths and interests.

  • Setting Goals: Define your revenue goals, expected number of attendees, and date and time of the event.

We can help provide you with any support you need – including a dedicated fundraising contact, and resources including pop-up banners, donation forms, our logo, and a script to read at your fundraising event. We can also assist with promotional efforts on our website and social media and possibly provide volunteer support, speakers, or representatives at your event.

As the organizer, you are responsible for:

  • Adhering to the terms and conditions.

  • Obtaining necessary permits, licenses, and insurance.

  • Creating and printing promotional materials with KW Habilitation’s approval.

  • Ensuring all proceeds are accurately reported.

  • Managing the logistics of the event, including advertising and acquiring sponsors.

Fundraising Success Stories