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Tony’s Scenic Flight over Niagara Falls

Tony and pilot wearing red shirts and posing beside the white airplane with red stripes!
Tony and pilot posing beside the airplane!

Below is an awesome story about Tony’s plane ride adventure written by Susan Deosaran Tony’s Direct Support Professional through Supported Independent Living (SIL) at KW Habilitation:

Tony knows how to celebrate life with a spirit of adventure.  As he turns 80 this June, he’s been eager for several mini excursions, with Niagara Falls topping the list.  He began planning this trip in January, meticulously organizing every detail.  His dream was to witness the sunset over the falls.  Weather was a crucial factor, so when rain forced him to reschedule, Tony took it in stride.

On the day of his flight, Tony headed to Breslau for an early supper, enjoying the sounds of planes taking off and landing.  When his moment arrived, he was ready and excited, even a slight delay couldn’t dampen his spirits.  He quickly bonded with the pilot.  Thanks to the delay and his charm, Tony was granted a little extra time in the air.  Throughout the flight his exclamations of “Oh wow that’s beautiful!” echoed his joy.  When he came off the flight he was literally dancing!  His zest for life is infectious and seeing him live out his dreams fills us with immense satisfaction.  His positive attitude is inspiring to us, and his famous line is “Why not” live life to its fullest potential.