Dino Joe and Rexy from the Dino Joe Show

Joe is someone who is very creative and has an amazingly active imagination.  He was the one who planted the idea and worked to help assemble last February’s “Stay At Home Idol”, where participants performed on the ZOOM stage. Deeply knowledgeable on many topics, including Dinosaurs, Joe decided he wanted to host his own ZOOM show, thus The Dino Joe Show was created!  

Joe, with support from staff, selected the days and times he preferred to host, decided on the topics he would cover, and came up with the name “The Dino Joe Show”, naming himself “Dino Joe”.  He selected a workspace in the basement and enlisted staff to help make a backdrop to host in front of.  Staff encouraged Joe’s creativity and supported him by being his assistant puppeteer and co-host.

On April 25th, the first episode of the “Dino Joe Show” was presented to an enthusiastic group of viewers.  Joe prepared for each episode by putting together information on the Dinosaur he planned to speak about and passing it on to his helpers.  A lot of creative improv was incorporated into the show to keep things interesting including interactions with Joe’s housemates and others.

He continues to have many ideas for the future and is now planning his next show, “Joe Brown’s Mysterious Legends” which will cover topics like the Lochness Monster and the Headless Horseman!

Click the buttons below to watch episodes 1-6 of The Dino Joe Show!